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2013-12-06 09:10 am

Here again.

I must start visiting more. I bet you all missed me :)
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2010-09-02 06:55 pm

Thank you!

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Thank you dear Ladies for the birthday greetings - it warmed my heart from the very roots.

Now off to thrash some Edhellond asses!!!!!!!

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2010-06-21 08:58 pm

Happy Birthday Dear Elladansgirl.

Happy Birthday dear Lady.


Wishing you a day of decadent sex and chocolates.

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2010-03-27 12:14 am

Happy Birthday Perkyandproud!

Happy Birthday, Dear Lady [ profile] perkyandproud !


Wishing you a day of sybaritic indulgence and outrageous pleasure.

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2010-03-10 07:29 pm

Happy Birthday to you, Melethen!

Happy Birthday, Dear Lady.


Wishing you a wonderful and cake filled day.

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2010-03-10 07:28 pm

Happy Birthday to you, Weepingnaiad!

Happy Birthday, Dear Lady.


Wishing you a wonderful and cake filled day.

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2010-02-18 07:57 pm

Happy Birthday Naledi_seren :D

Happy Birthday dear Lady.


Wishing you a very happy birthday :D

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2010-01-02 02:07 pm

Happy Birthday Ebbingnight!

A very happy birthday to you dear one!


Love from Ereolas, Cirdan, Cireolas, Ereodan and Jeli :D

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2009-12-23 10:58 pm

Happy Birthday elflover59!

Happy Birthday Aunty Elflover59!

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Wishing you the happiest of days!

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2009-12-15 01:52 pm

Happy Birthday to you Zilah1!

Happy Birthday [ profile] zilah1 !

Happy Birthday Myspace Comments

Happy Birthday Dear Lady :D

Love Ereolas xxxx

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2009-11-18 02:35 pm

Happy Birthday Aunty Aglarien!

Happy Birthday aunty [ profile] aglarien1 .


Hoping you have a great day full of indulgence :D

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2009-11-14 08:58 am

Happy Birthday to J_Dav!

Happy Birthday, dear Lady [personal profile] j_dav .


Wishing you a day of chocolate, flowers and wine and a hot body to share it with!

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2009-11-05 09:03 pm

Happy Birthday Maelleconstance!

Happy Birthday Aunty Maelle :D


Hope you have a wonderful day full of cake and trifle!

Love Ereolas xxxxxxxxxxx

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2009-10-18 09:30 am

To Dear Inwe_saralonde,

To Dear [personal profile] inwe_saralonde,


Wishing you a very happy Birthday!

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2009-09-19 01:32 pm

Please click!

Reposted from [personal profile] mistressminx_13's page.

Hi, all you animal lovers!

This is pretty simple... Please repost. 

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Their corporate sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate food to abandoned/neglected animals in exchange for advertising.

Here's the web site! Please pass it along to people you know.

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2009-08-09 06:47 pm

Happy Birthday Blue_gold :D

Happy Birthday, dear Lady!

mel maelle

Wishing you a day of joyful decadence!

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2009-08-05 10:07 pm

Happy Birthday Aperfectdot :D

Happy Birthday dear Lady Mirfain :D

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Hope you have the happiest birthday ever, love Ereolas the elfling.

Dear Lady, wishing you a fabulous day!


Love from Ereolas the elf, the well hung one!!!

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2009-08-04 01:59 am

Happy Birthday Erviniae!


Happy Birthday Aunty [ profile] erviniae !

I hope you get lots of presents and have lots of fun with your elflings, love Ereolas the elfling :D


Happy Birthday, to the Lady [ profile] erviniae !

Wishing you a day of sinful indulgence, love from Ereolas, the well hung one!!!


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2009-06-25 01:22 am

Happy Birthday Moonys_badgirl!

Happy Birthday [profile] moonys_badgirl and [ profile] angelstar3999 .


Wishing you a wonderful day!

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2009-06-21 09:20 am

Happy Birthday Elladansgirl

Happy Birthday to you [ profile] elladansgirl .

Love from Ereolas xxxxxx